OK, and here's the family shots. If you've wandered in here via a search engine, please note that the more general interest Yosemite National Park pics are on a prior page. This page seems oddly popular, so I've attempted to provide some kind of context but I'm afraid there are some references that are obscure at best.

Cathlin is in there somewhere.

My ever-loving wife, wishing she was dressed like Cathlin.

Cathlin, waiting. I think we're about to head down to the Bracebridge Dinner and certain people take longer to get ready than others.

This is the only posed shot of mine you'll find on the website. I kind of like it, since I shot without flash so you could see the tree lights were on, but everybody else hates it. I guess I'll stick to birds and landscapes. But it's my website so I'm putting it in anyway. Ha! If you can't be vain, what's the point of having a website, after all?

I have no idea who this is.

This is taken by somebody else - Dan Warsinger. Yes, we have the reproduction rights. We're all dressed up because this is on the same night as the Bracebridge Dinner, an invitation-by-lottery dinner held Christmas week in the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Valley.


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