Pictures of Yosemite

These shots are from a trip to Yosemite National Park in early March.  Whenever I go during some oddball time of year, people ask a lot of questions like "is there snow", "is there water in the waterfalls", etc.  So this time I took a few quick snaps with a cheap digital camera.

Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls - note there's some frozen water but basically it's flowing once the sun comes out.

The Ahwahnee Hotel
The Ahwahnee hotel - This is a little later in the day, and the clouds are coming in.  Notice that there's some snow on the ground, but in open areas it's really not much.  If you go hiking a bit back into the woods it's a couple of feet deep.

Tunnel View
Tunnel View - I've heard people call this by a few different names, but it's one of the classic Yosemite pictures. Note the snow on the higher elevations, but the valley itself isn't so bad.

The Wife.

So all in all, March is a nice enough time to visit. It was a lot warmer than my visit in December but still fairly cold. You can also compare these to my visit in April when the snow is all gone or in Fall.

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