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They also have traditional zoo stuff like a bird show.  Here this bird is imparting the educational lesson that buzzards are goofy.

Baby coot.  This is in the "so ugly it's cute" category.

Non-plastic flamingos.  Note the baby in the center. This is a little nicer than the usual flamingo exhibit because instead of being in a pretty lake being fed pellets, they're in mud digging around for worms or whatever. It's not quite as pretty but it's a lot more interesting to watch.

Everything from this point forward is at the zoo, not the wild animal park. The zoo recently acquired a pair of polar bear cubs.  They're extremely cute and playful.

The zoo also has some giant pandas.  Basically if there's a cute, popular animal the San Diego zoo has a couple.

An Artic Diving Duck. This one requires a bit of an explanation. These things can dive down into the water and swim around very gracefully. The zoo has a pond with a glass side so you can watch them do it. Very cool. It's not like its a super fancy exhibit or anything but you can tell they were thinking when they put this in.

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