Would you like a print?

I use a professional photo lab to get real prints on professional photographic paper (as opposed to me whipping something out on my inkjet). However, I can really only do this easily from shots taken since March 2003 when I went digital. Luckily that's where I split the main page from the archive page - so if it's linked to from the main page you're good.

It seems like 8x10 is the most popular size. Note that most of the prints on the website are in a 4x6 aspect ratio, not 8x10, so the cropping will be a little different.

If you are interested, please email me at contact@eljay.org for a quote. Please let me know which picture you want (it's easiest just to copy the URL and paste it into your email) and where in the world you are. I'll let you know how long it will take (probably not very long, but who knows, maybe I'm on vacation!) and a price (probably $30 including priority mail shipping for an 8x10 if you're in the US). It's possible I'll tell you I can't do it for some reason (if I don't have a digital file for it, as an example, or if there's some legal issue about reproducting something) but it would be very unusual. For payment I have a PayPal verified account, but please don't send me any money until we've talked.

If you want something unusual, like a different size or whatever that's fine, just include it in the original email and I'll take that into account when I give you a quote.

That's it!

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