These are just some assorted pictures from 2000 -> 2001 that I thought might be of some interest. This is page two of two.

Picture of Hetch Hetchy
Hetch Hetchy.  This is where San Francisco gets its water.

Picture of Golden Gate Bridge
This is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from Baker Beach (this is on the San Francisco side). This is a pretty typical Northern California beach scene. Not quite Baywatch, is it? As I've commented elsewhere on the site it's fun to take Golden Gate Bridge pictures because it's always different depending on the angle and the time of day.

This is the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin in late December. We went inside to check out the Christmas tree, and unlike previous visits there was security. They looked in our bags and wanted to look under our coats. Well, we're Californians and it was 13 degrees so we all had layers and layers on and it took some time! Luckily the security folks were more amused than annoyed.

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