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Picture of Horses
These are the horses on the roof of St. Mark's. They're copies, if you want to see the originals they're inside. It's actually very nice to go up on the roof if only to get a little peace and quiet. This whole area can get a little overwhelming in tourist season.

Picture of gondola drydock
One of the nice things about wandering around a bit is that you run into things like a gondola dry-dock. OK, it's not a major tourist attraction, but it's pretty cool. The guy was sanding down the sides of the gondola he's working on. This wasn't particularly near any big tourist areas, other than in the sense that all of Venice is a tourist area.

This was taken from the bell tower in St. Mark's square.

Venice really does flood. We happened to go for a walk one evening at high tide and it was really interesting to watch the water bubble up from the ground. This particular night it didn't get too much worse than this before subsiding. There are a few odd smears in this picture. They're caused by people walking during the exposure.

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