These are all scanned photos from our trip to Italy in May 2001. This is page two of two.

Picture of Manarola
Manarola.  There's some great swimming here if you like deep water and aren't attached to the beach concept.  We really liked our hotel, which is up at the top of the town (although I'll admit that having the hotel that high has its disadvantages). Their website has some nice pictures if you're interested in knowing more about Manarola.

Picture of sports car in Florence
The Mille Miglia ("Thousand Miles") race going through Florence.

Picture of sunset
This is looking back at where I stood to take the picture just above this one.  Here's an alternate sunset from the same place a moment later.  Notice the sun has dipped below the hills but I think the background is a little more interesting.

Picture of mosaic in Herculaneum
A mosaic in Herculaneum.

Picture of Paestum
One of the three Greek temples in Paestum, Italy. That's right, Italy not Greece. Those Greeks got around more than you might think. These were built about 2500 years ago.

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