These are all scanned pictures from our trip to Ireland in 1998. Note that this is part two.

One day in Dublin we took the DART as far north as it goes, then got out and wandered around a bit. There was a nice beach with a bunch of girls who were apparently going to camp overnight. Two of them said "Take our picture! Take our picture!" so I did

The Cliffs of Mohr. These are 700 feet tall and there's some nice hiking along them. There are all manner of birds living at different levels, including puffins at the very lowest level. I was just barely able to make out birds that looked like puffins (mostly based on the coloration) through my long lens but wasn't able to get a good picture. I didn't get a really good look at puffins until I went to Alaska a couple of years later.

This is in the Burren, which is basically a vast expanse of rock with no evidence of life until you look very closely in the cracks, where there is all matter of life including flowers and very cool little snails.

This is a very Irish view. We're in one set of ruins and the view includes some other ruins.

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