These are pictures from the How Berkeley Can You Be parade, September 30th 2001. This is part two - art cars. To see pictures of people see part one.

This parade is something of a copy of the Duda parade in Pasadena, CA which was in response to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA. It basically consists of three parts. First is a procession of people, floats, bands, and so forth. Second a couple of dozen "art cars" drive by. And third there's a festival at a local park where you can see the cars up close and they have the usual food, music, and so forth. Since this was just a couple of weeks after September 11th the Berkeley pro-peace-at-any-cost folks were out in force but other than that I think it was pretty typical for this kind of event.

Picture of Camera Van
Hey, it's the cameravan. A few of the cameras actually work. This is one of the cars that I've seen around town. It always attracts attention.

I only took a couple of pictures with the cars actually going by, because as you can see the light was pretty patchy. But this one wasn't at the festival, at least not by the time I got there, and it seemed like a real shame not to include it.

A lot of the cars are interesting combination of painting and gluing themed stuff on.

The VW bug is a very popular platform for this kind of thing. At this point I'm at the static display near the festival.

I can't decide which way is up, so feel free to rotate your monitor to match. The entire car is pretty similar, but it's worth getting a closeup so you can see a little detail.

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