These are all scanned pictures of France from our trip to France in 1999. This is part two of two.

Picture of Chenonceau
Yes, they built their Chateau (Chenonceau) over a river.  There's a hatch in the floor so they can unload boats carrying food and so forth directly into the kitchen.

Picture of l'Ossuaire
40,000 French World War I dead.  In the background is l'Ossuaire which contains the remains of 130,000 unknown soldiers.

This is in the same general area, and its been left alone for the most part (This is the Pointe du Hoc if anybody's curious).  I'm providing scale for a crater.  You can see a German pillbox in the background. I have a neighbor who says that after they landed they used to sleep in these craters to keep out of the wind (there's a heck of a wind in this area).

Picture of Pont du Gard
The Pont du Gard.  Despite the name, this is a piece of the Roman aqueduct.

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