Pictures of Angel Island

Pictures from Angel Island, different visits. Angel Island is an island in the San Francisco Bay. It's historically important and generally a nice place to spend the day. I've split this page into two pages, so look for the link to the other half of the pictures at the end of this page!

Picture of Alcatraz
Alcatraz. There's a ferry out of Pier 41 that will take you to both islands in one day, but Angel Island is really worth its own day.

Picture of UC Berkeley
The UC Berkeley campus. The pointy white building is the campanile.

Picture of Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge at a distance.

Picture of Golden Gate Bridge
A closeup of the Golden Gate Bridge. Angel island is a really good place to take Golden Gate Bridge pics since you get something of a straight-on view but it's a lot closer than the east bay. If you like the bridge, you should see my collection of Golden Gate Bridge Posters.

They have regular demonstrations of cannon firing. I would have taken a picture of the actual firing, but I was too busy not losing my hearing. It's amazing how loud even a little cannon is.

There are the remains of various gun emplacements from different eras. These are pretty similar to the ones you'll find at several strategic places around the bay. You can just make out San Francisco in the background.

As you can see from the bunkbeds in the lower level this wasn't the most comfortable place to be. At least it was out of the wind.

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