These are pictures from an air show at Moffett Field, Saturday August 11th 2001. If you're looking for the jet breaking the sound barrier pictures, they're just a couple of pictures down.

I've noticed that this page receives a certain amount of traffic from .mil and .gov sites so I imagine there's a certain number of military types who visit. So for any members of the US military or their families that see this: Thank you, and good luck!

Picture of Hanger One
Hey, it's hanger one. To provide scale, they kindly parked a 747 in front of it. It's the smallish looking plane with the NASA logo on the tail. Note the extra "stuff" on top -- this 747 carries the space shuttle when they need to ferry it around.

Picture of shockwave
F/A-18 Hornet near Mach-1 flyby. The pilot is keeping the plane just at the point just prior to breaking the sound barrier. Here you can see the shockwave forming nicely. Here's an explanation of what you're seeing on a very cool page about airplanes breaking the sound barrier. Seeing something like this in person was very impressive!

Picture of sound barrier
. . . and here you can see the shockwave is pretty crisp. I'm losing it with my camera, but I'm hand-holding a 300mm lens with a x2 teleconverter (so 600mm total) and the jet is moving pretty fast at this point! Two interesting points are that you can clearly see the pilot which gives you some sense of scale, and in this shot you can more clearly see that the shockwave is well in front of the engines (in the prior picture it looks like it could possibly have been exhaust or something).

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