This is part two of the trip. If you haven't seen the first part yet, feel free to take a look.

Picture of San Francisco
Peeking around the edge of the island, towards the city. The sun is really just about down now. The bridge on the left is the Bay Bridge.

Picture of Alcatraz prison interior
We've climbed up the hill to the actual prison building on the top of the island. There's a very well done audio tour which leads you around in the prison.

Picture of Alcatraz prison interior
Another shot of the interior of the prison.

Picture of Alcatraz cell
A typical cell. It's even smaller than it looks -- that's a pretty narrow bed. It's interesting to pause here and think about all of the prisoners plotting their escapes.

Picture of Alcatraz prison interior
It's a real shock how dark it got while you were in the prison! I took this balancing the camera on a handrail.

Picture of Alcatraz lighthouse
After looking at the prison you can go on some guided walks back down or just look around a bit and wander down. It doesn't matter much as long as you get back in time for the last trip back! You can tell it's a long exposure because the guy walking in the lower left is rather ghostlike, and the flag is flapping pretty hard. I tried a few shots and this is the only one where it more or less held still long enough.

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